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Louisville Legal Magazine

Louisville Legal Magazine

Louisville, Kentucky Jefferson County

The parameters of this position are as follows:
You will be selling advertising for a new magazine geared toward the legal community in Louisville, Kentucky. However, the magazine will also contain information that will be beneficial to your “average Joe,” to include articles written by lawyers that address family law (divorce, custody, wills, trusts, etc.), workplace injuries or discrimination, personal injury…you get the idea. You will only be calling companies in Louisville.
I will provide you with a price list of ad costs. When a sale is made, please explain to the customer that they will receive an envelope containing a receipt, as well as a return envelope. Please ask them to remit payment in the return envelope they receive if handled by mail. Checks can be made to Louisville Legal Magazine. They will also need to supply an ad in PDF format which they can email to loulegalmag@gmail.com. Depending on the proximity to the print deadline, the receipt may be hand-delivered, at which time payment can be made. They will also receive a complimentary issue of the magazine with their ad.
You will be compensated 15% of all monies either mailed in or collected for sales you have made. I will be happy to scan and email a copy of all receipts received from your sales. The ads range in price from $125.00-$1,100.00, so obviously, there is money to be made.
The parent company of Louisville Legal Magazine is Minton TeleCommunications. Therefore, if you try to Google Louisville Legal Magazine, you are not likely to find anything, However, if you Google Minton TeleCommunications, there will be plenty to find. Also, a 502 (Louisville) area code-and obviously a computer-would be a great plus!
I look forward to your response!
Mike Minton

Company: Louisville Legal Magazine
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Contact Name: Mike Minton
Industry: Sales / Sales Mgmt
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